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Car Polish


Car Polish is a premium pre-softened cream wax consisting of Premium Waxes, Micro-Polishing Agents and Protecting Polymers for an easy on - easy off application. It restores the original shine by visually eliminating fine swirls and micro scratches to create clear, deep reflections and yields a brilliant shine with minimum effort. Protects the original paint from UV rays of the sun. Applicable on all automotive paint finish including Metallic and Clear Coat.


Provides Long Lasting shine to all Paint SurfacesWater Beading PropertiesProtects all Paint Surfaces from UV Rays, Acid Rain and Other DepositsPre Softened Cream Wax

Features Just Apply And Rub
State/Form Liquid
Usage/Application Industrial
Product Type Wax Polish
Application Surface Cars, Automobiles, Bike surfaces
Packaging Type Bottle